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Why You Should Stay Open-Minded In Your Business

By Jordan Yoder from JC Landscapes LLC

Hey, EMB Community! It’s Jordan Yoder of JC Landscapes LLC. Today, we’re having a quick chat on the benefits of being open minded in your business. In the video, I tell you my story of how being flexible and open-minded benefited my business.

Anyways pros, keep trying new things. Don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t done before.

Being open-minded and innovative has time after time helped me succeed in my business. As you know, the industry is always changing. So continue to be open, adaptive and evolve. If you do this, your business is bound to see positive results! Let’s continue this chat in the forum.

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Do you have any stories of how being open minded has helped you? Let’s help each other and connect in the forum.

Jordan Yoder
JC Landscapes LLC
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