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Women in the Industry: Abbigail and Jacqueline Stuebs, Part Two

"If you believe in yourself and do what you love, nothing can get in your way."

Twin sisters Abbigail and Jacqueline Stuebs run J.A.R. Landscaping, LLC in Springfield. You can read how they started their business at 18 years old here. In part two, we talk to the sisters about the perception of women in the industry, biased clients, and motivation.

You don't hesitate to give your business a female face through the website design and social media posts. Would you say that it helps grow your business?

Abbigail: I think giving our business a female face does definitely give our company a trait that people are interested in. It gives us a niche and character that makes us who we are. We haven't seen any female landscapers in our area. So, we do get some looks when we are working, especially since there are two of us.

We wouldn't really say that it has helped grow our client base. Most of our clients come from word of mouth from our work. Our social media has connected us more with other landscapers and companies in the industry.

At ECHO Means Business, YouTube and other sites, we often see a tremendous amount of activity from male landscapers, but not so much women professionals. Do you think this can be changed?

Jacqueline:I think that activity from women landscapers can be increased. it would take some work, but it is more than possible.

For example, many advertisements related to outdoors, tools, and landscaping are directed towards and focus on men. An impact could be made by adding and involving women to commercials and advertisements and directing these related topics towards not only men, but women.

Media tends to represent women in dresses, “girly” colors, flowers and other related items. But, in reality, these women are just trying to get the job done.

By showing women that it is okay to go into a male-dominated industry and be themselves, and not as the media portrays them to be, can be major turning point for landscaping all round.

Would you say there exists to some degree a bias when it comes to hiring female landscapers?

Jacqueline:I think there still is some bias out there when it comes to hiring female landscapers. I can't say this is true everywhere, but it is commonly seen.

Most people can look at certain landscaping jobs as labor intensive and difficult work. So, women are often times looked at as less capable of getting the job done.

For us, we have seen that people stereotype women to be the designers, gardeners, and the ones to be doing the inside jobs versus the outside. Going into a horticulture major, we are often assumed to be going into a floriculture or greenhouse career.

However, we have seen an increase in the number of female workers in labor intensive jobs and support from male landscapers.

Do you think the culture of women empowering movements of the last few years has had an impact on the landscaping industry?

Abbigail: Yes, recently, women are standing up more for our rights. Women across the world are more apt to stand up for themselves and show our capability.

Personally, seeing women landscapers working hard to stand up and show our capabilities has made a huge impact. It shows me to keep pushing.

What advice would you give women who are interested in entering the landscaping business?

Jacqueline: Remember your worth and don't be afraid to show it! No matter your age, right now, being a woman in this field is an amazing thing.

I would say to not give up and remember that you are a motivation to other women and young girls. You will get comments that are difficult to deal with, but you will get twice the amount of comments that tell you otherwise.

People might look at you as some woman who doesn't know what she is doing, but you do. You just need to stand up and be confident. With all of us together, we can make a difference.

Not only can we leave our mark on Earth through landscaping, but we can leave our mark through inspiring the current and future generations.

Abbigail: My advice to women entering the landscaping industry is to take the risk. Take your vision and make it happen. If you believe in yourself and do what you love, nothing can get in your way.

There may be obstacles, but they are easy to overcome with the right mindset. I would also encourage women to be themselves.

About Abbigail and Jacqueline: Abbigail and Jacqueline run the family-owned and operated J.A.R. Landscaping, LLC, offering residential services in Springfield and surrounding areas. Together, they pride themselves in maintaining and installing landscapes and lawns, giving back to their community and helping those in need. You can follow them via social media on Instagram and Facebook.

Are you (or do you know) a woman professional in the lawn care and landscaping industry, or know a women-owned business? We'd love to hear your story - you can share it with us by using the "Tell Us Your Story" section at the bottom of our home page.