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Women in the Industry: Catrina Jurdan, Part One

"I had to convince my husband to start Viking Lawn. He finally agreed to it and I ran out to file the paperwork before he could change his mind. I tend to jump in feet first"

The mission of our "Women In The Industry" interview series is to empower females in lawn care and landscaping, help sisterhood grow and show a strong example to those who are only getting started. Our recent inspiration is Catrina Jurdan from Kansas City, a bright woman fresh on the lawn care scene. In part one of this interview, we chatted about her goals, first steps in business and working with her husband Douglas King Jr.

1. Catrina, you mentioned that you’re starting out in the industry. How is it going so far and what made you take a leap?

We’re in business since 2018 and it is going really well. The work is hard but rewarding and the customers make it all worthwhile. Doug actually got us into lawn care. He has always loved working in the yard and I quickly found I shared that same passion. I finally took the leap to start a lawn care business when my 9-5 corporate job started becoming a place I resented instead of a place I enjoy.

2. What are your main goals right now?

We have two main goals. First is to grow the business on a foundation of trust and quality work. My goal is to be honest, trustworthy and kind.

The second is to become be pillars of the community by working with the VCP. Here in Kansas City, we have a charity called Veterans Community Project who rely on donations to make tiny houses for the local homeless VETs and rehabilitate them back into the workforce.

One day, if we get big enough, we would like to not only donate to this cause but also hire these vets to work for us as either a permanent or transitional job.

3. What part of your job at Viking Lawn Care KC do you enjoy the most?

The sense of accomplishment of a job well done. There is no feeling like working my tail off for hours and being proud of the final product.

4. What is the best part of a family lawn care business with your loved one, and what is the worst so far? :)

Doug is my best friend, so working with him is a blessing...and a curse. The best part is we laugh every single day together, even in the worst moments he can make me giggle

However, he does drive me nuts. Everything to him is black and white and he struggles with allowing me to find alternative ways of making things work. In his head, there is only one right way and he likes to think that it’s his way when we all know it is mine. ;)

5. Would you still consider working in this industry or even starting a lawn care business of your own if your partner wasn’t into it?

Starting Viking Lawn was actually my idea (he named it, I think he believes he is a true pirate). He had expressed interest in the past but when it came down to it, I had to convince him. He finally agreed to it and I ran out to file the paperwork before he could change his mind.

I tend to jump in feet first. He pulls my head out of the clouds while I push him beyond his comfort zone. It works.

About Catrina: Catrina and her husband Douglas King Jr. are the owners of Viking Lawn Care serving the Kansas City Metro area. You can see more from Catrina and Viking Lawn Care on Facebook.

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