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Women in the Industry - Ramona Mullins

"I got my license, I went down to Home Depot and a kind man named Wolfe taught me how to ride my first zero turn in the Home Depot parking lot with hay bails."

Ramona Mullins has been running Mullins Lawn Enforcement LLC (love that name!) since 2010. When her husband Wesley was deployed, and Ramona's before and after-school programs couldn't continue due to a by-law change, she changed track, and the rest is history!

We talked to Ramona about her inspirations, what it's like working with your partner, and standing out in the industry with happy, loyal clients and awards rewarding her early years of getting up and running.

What was your inspiration to get into the landscaping business?

Being a Military wife you are alway having to reinvent yourself! When moving to a new town, it is not alway easy to find a new job especially as the wife of a civilian Veteran. It's never about what you know it's about who you know!

Since I had small children, before we moved here I ran a before and after-school program. I did the same when we moved to Clarksville. Shortly after I opened my doors, I was told by my homeowners association that I was not allowed to run a Before and After-school program as their by-laws had changed.

I went through a hard time trying to find myself. My husband was due to deploy again 6 months later and I was determined to overcome. I started a lawn care business.

I got my license, I went down to Home Depot and a kind man named Wolfe taught me how to ride my first zero turn in the Home Depot parking lot with hay bails.

My husband Wesley showed me how to edge a yard on his way out to the airport. I put an ad in the paper and trusted God with the rest!

You've been operating the business by yourself for 6 years before your husband stepped away from corporate and joined you. What led him to finally make that decision?

This has alway been our plan B. When we chose to take a chance on our lawn care company, it was scary! Wesley was always worried about me being out there alone running the machinery.

For years we've been apart since he was always deployed. When we would talk on the phone for short periods of time, we would spend it dreaming of being together finally.

God knew our hearts and what we really wanted and being together is what drove us to take our business to the next level!

You're in the unique position where you're able to compare operating a business as a solo female owner vs. together with your spouse. What are the major differences that you've noticed?

I have noticed that I am able to add more services for our clients. We love taking care of people. It's just in our nature.

We love having less clients and being able to help service them better with offering them more than just lawn care. We pressure wash houses, driveways, and clean gutters, etc.

What is the best part of running a family lawn care business with your loved one and what do you miss about running it by yourself?

The best part is having the love of my life with me everyday! We sacrificed a lot of time from one another to succeed in life, and now its paying off.

The one thing I miss about running it by myself is driving the truck - I miss my truck, lol!

You don't hesitate to give your business a female face through the website design and social media posts. Would you say that it has helped grow your business?

I think that it has made our business grow because it makes us more approachable!

The majority of reviews featured on your website are from female clients. Is your clientele mostly female?

Our clientele is mostly female!

Do you think there is a specific reason for that?

I think that women are more confident with other women accomplishing their vision and definitely feel more at ease when on their property.

Both at ECHO Means Business and social media in general, we often see a tremendous amount of activity from male landscapers, but not so much women professionals. Do you think this can be changed?

I think as women we have more responsibilities. We are not only business owners but we are homemakers too.

At the end of the day we have to come home, tend to our kids and home and answer all the business calls. We have little time to focus on social media, or posting as much on ECHO Means Business as we may like to.

I was more active in the winter and I think this year I'm going to use the off season to implement the automatic post system and get things ready in advance!

What advice would you give women who are interested in entering the landscaping business?

My advice would be to start off small! Always set goals and as you build your confidence start networking! Becoming a member of the Chamber of commerce was a great way to meet other people and grow our clientele!

I started off with a simple add in the paper! Best of luck ladies!

About Ramona: Ramona Mullins started Mullins Lawn Enforcement LLC in 2010, and was joined by her husband Wesley in 2016. A veteran owned and operated business serving Clarksville, TN & Woodlawn, TN, Ramona and her husband put customer service and reliability at the top of their priorities, and have won awards for their work and service. See more from Ramona and her team on Facebook and Instagram.

Are you (or do you know) a woman professional in the lawn care and landscaping industry, or know a women-owned business? We'd love to hear your story - you can share it with us by using the "Tell Us Your Story" section at the bottom of our home page.