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Women in the Industry - Savanaha Spencer

"Be confident in your ability to work hard, know what you're getting yourself into, and don't let anyone - man or woman - knock you down when you are simply just trying."

1. What was your inspiration to get into the landscaping business?

What really inspired me to get into lawn care/ landscaping was 100% the love I have for my husband and family. When I saw Shawn in need of help, I was the one who suggested that I work with him. I've always loved working and being outside, and it's such a big bonus that I get to work with my best friend and love of my life.

2. What is the best part of a family lawn care business with your loved one, and what is the worst?

The best part of working with my husband is that I don't really feel like I'm working for a boss, we really do work well as a team and get things done.

There's really not a lot of negatives when it comes to working together, but I now understand where a lot of his stress and frustration came from when dealing with the business part of things and deadlines (makes me more understanding).

But don't get me wrong we, can still get on each others nerves out on the field!

3. Both at ECHO Means Business and other sites, we often see a tremendous amount of activity from male landscapers, but not so much women professionals. Do you think this can be changed?

I really do think it can be changed. Just from my husband's activity on YouTube and the videos he puts out, I read the comments he gets from his subscribers, and there are a number of husband and wife teams out there - people just don't know about them because they aren't out there making videos.

Lawn Care and Landscaping is typically a male-driven job because it is looked at as “a man's job”. But in today's world there are a lot more women out there taking care of their own lawn.

4. Would you say there exists, to some degree, a bias when it comes to hiring female landscapers?

No, I don't think so - there just aren't a lot of women that I know of who would go out and work long hours in the heat and want to get all dirty.

There are some women out there though, like myself, that don't mind it, but there are far more males than females out there who are willing to do it.

I do think, though, that it really depends on the business owner, and thinking whether or not a female can perform as well as a male.

5. Have you ever experienced a difficult client who was questioning your abilities as a female landscaper?

No, I have not personally come across anyone questioning my abilities as a landscaper. I do get a lot of positive feedback, though!

6. Do you think your clients are less biased against you because you have a man on your side?

I know Shawn is getting a lot of positive comments from his clients about how well I work and can keep up with him!

7. Would you still consider working in this industry or starting a lawn care business of your own if your husband wasn't into it?

I don't know that I would own my own Lawn Care business. As far as working in the field I would consider working for a smaller company, one where the owner is still going out and doing the work.

The quality of work is so much better when the owner is out there working, they take pride in what they do.

8. Do you think the culture of women empowering movements of the last few years has had an impact on the landscaping industry?

Yes!! I think in the past us women have been put into a category of lesser, but over the years we have more than proven to be equals with men, and can do anything we set our minds to.

9. What advice would you give women who are interested in entering the landscaping business?

The advice I would give to any women wanting to do landscaping is to really be confident in your ability to work hard, know what your getting yourself into, and don't let anyone - man or woman - knock you down when you are simply just trying.

Always look to better yourself and become more educated in the field.

About Savanaha: Savanaha Spencer runs the family-owned and operated Spencer's Lawn Care, offering residential and commercial services. Together with her husband Shawn, who is a member of the ECHO Means Business User Advisory Group (UAG), they pride themselves in building long-lasting relationships with not only their customers, but the community they live and work in. You can see more on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Are you (or do you know) a woman professional in the lawn care and landscaping industry, or know a women-owned business? We'd love to hear your story - you can share it with us by using the "Tell Us Your Story" section at the bottom of our home page.