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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

What’s up friends? Welcome back to our weekly round-up! You all know that our community encourages collaboration, so today we bring you a couple of videos from YouTube series "3 Lawn Care Tips in 2019", some backyard and front yard makeovers, and more. Enjoy!

Lawn Care Business in 2019. 3 Tips by Tony

Check this out. Landscaper Tony of Tony’s Lawn Care collaborated with several other pros on a series called "3 Tips To Start Your Lawn Care Business in 2019". In his own video, Tony talks about answering the phone, getting back to people and other essential things to create a personal connection with your customer.

Lawn Care Business in 2019. 3 Tips by Cameron

One more video from this series is brought to you by UAG Member Cameron Duncan of GrassMaster Lawn Service. Enjoy his tips as he speaks about the importance of networking and collaborating. Also, be sure to check out everyone else’s tips in this series on YouTube too - you can find participating channels in the description of Cameron’s video.

Ultimate Backyard Transformation

There’s nothing like a huge backyard makeover! Watch Kevin of Fall River Lawn Care and UAG Member Blake of It’s HIS turf perform landscaping and hardscaping miracles! You’ll like the small water feature and the retaining wall, the kitchenette, the cement patio, and of course the walkway they made.

Huge Front Yard Makeover

Backyard transformation: check! Moving on to a front yard. Here we have the video by UAG Member Paul Jamison of Jamison Landscaping. Their team took the overgrown landscape and transformed it with a real front yard makeover. They removed all the overgrown bushes, debris, stumps, and necessary roots, and finally...planted 58 new plants!

Mowing Really Tall Grass

Just a very neat and satisfying short video to watch. UAG Council member Richey Plemons of Plemons Lawn Care squeezed 45 minutes of mowing in 3 minutes and added some great music. It’s also interesting to watch as the property is a newly constructed home and it’s mowed for the first time ever.


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