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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

Hey gang! Here’s one more list of interesting videos posted by the pros on YouTube. This week we want you to get inspired by some amazing projects like a softball field renovation, a hardscape backyard transformation, and so much more! Learn and grow!

Mowing Routine Of The Pro

Leave "Morning Routine" videos to the beauty bloggers, and enjoy "Mowing Routine" of UAG Council Member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts. Brad shares all the steps he takes before every mowing day, and also how he gears up for each yard. Do you follow the same routine?

Basic 2019 Lawn Care Setup

Erik Hernandez of CADDO Lawn Care shares his basic yet very effective lawn care set-up for 2019. You’ll appreciate the level of detail: Erik gives a close look at all the equipment and the truck, featuring Wright, STIHL, ECHO, and more.

Huge Landscape Tear Out

Would you enjoy removing the landscape rather than installing for once? UAG Member Wyatt Bedell of Wyatt's Lawn Service had a blast completely cleaning up the property and removing all the shrubs. Have a look!

Softball Field Renovation

Wouldn’t you help kids play ball in a safe environment? Check out this very interesting project of Pete Denny (GCI Turf Services) as he gives back to his community and does the softball field renovation with the Ventrac 4500 + ABI Force, and shows you his Before and After.

Backyard Patio: Retaining Wall, Seating Wall, Firepit

One more exciting landscape/hardscape project for your inspiration. UAG member Blake Hawthorn of It's HIS turf shares how his team created an amazing addition to the backyard space of a lakeside home. Watch how they make retaining and seating walls, stairs, firepit and more - all in one video.


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