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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

Hey friends, and welcome back to our weekly round-up of tips, tools, and simply great videos from the pros over on YouTube. This time enjoy some business advice as well as tool recommendations and reviews.

Must-Haves To Carry With You

Interesting video by UAG member Danny Lanier of Lanier Lawn Care. Danny shares what he actually carries in his truck on a day to day basis during lawn season. Watch this if you could use a solid check-lists of must-have tools you should carry with you, just in case.

Clean-up With ECHO ES-250 Shred ‘N’ Vac

UAG Council member Richey Plemons of Plemons Lawncare demonstrates the right way to remove the clippings out of small beds with the ECHO ES-250 Shred ‘N’ Vac. Watch to see the tool in action and learn some really useful pro tips.

Adapting To Changing Needs Of Business

In this video, UAG Member Julio Tome of Lawn Care Business Success discusses why you need to be flexible and constantly adapt to stay profitable. Julio shares how he dealt with changes in types of customers, properties and areas he services. Food for thought!

Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC vs. Corporation

Choosing the right form for your business is a very important step. LLC or Corporation? What are the main pros and cons? Watch Kenny Sanchez from Kenny’s Tree Removal LLC. He has some good info and advice to share.

The Most Common Problems In Lawn Care Business

Blake Albertson of B&B Lawn Care put together an interesting video about major challenges in lawn care. We all have big problems arise every so often but it’s important to identify daily struggles that waste a lot of our time. Listening to Blake, can you relate?


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