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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

What’s up, gang? Enjoying these late summer projects and clients, hopefully in some cooler weather? Well, we’ve got some great videos for you to unwind to, from some great lawn care advice to how to deal with stress on the job, Enjoy!

When Should I Lime My Lawn

If you’re in a cool season lawn area, the fall is generally when you’d lime your grass, However, there’s a lot more to it than that - the different limes, nutrients in your soil, acidity, and more. In this awesome video full of great advice, Caety James of Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance breaks down the basics and why and how it’s done.

Mowing a Commercial Property - I Got the Cops Called on Me

When you’re working in different cities with different zonal laws, it’s important to know if there are any restrictions when it comes to when you can work on a property. In this video, UAG Member Tyler Guess shares his recent brush with the law, and reminds you of the importance of knowing the bylaws when it comes to different areas.

Managing Stress in the Landscaping Business

At some point in our lives, we all have to manage stress. This could be from our personal lives, or professional - bad decisions when it comes to crew members, or losing clients and wondering how we’re going to make up the shortfall. In this video, Jacob Godar shares uses his own near-death examples to help you manage your stress.

Dirty Driveway Pressure Washing with the STIHL RB 800

Often in this industry, we’re so busy taking care of our clients that we forget to take care of our own property! So to remedy this, Pete Denny of GCI Turf Services takes us on a fun trip while using the STIHL RB 800 pressure washer.

Our Biggest Mistake (When Starting Our Lawn Care Business)

We all have things we would have done differently if we had the chance to start over. From conversations we’ve seen online, this is particularly true in the OPE industry. Here, UAG Member James Randol of RPM Improvement Outdoor Services LLC chats with his son Chad on what they would have done differently when starting their lawn care business.


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