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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

Hey, gang! This week we have a lot of awesome landscaping videos, a tool review, and some great tips on how to make your lawn care business more successful. Enjoy!

How To Install Metal Landscape Edging

UAG member Blake Hawthorn of It’s HIS turf is starting off with a quick tutorial video on how to install metal landscape edging. His landscape edging comes in 8 feet sections and includes the metal stakes to secure the edging around the flower bed. The only other tool that you’ll need is a hammer. Watch and learn!

Digging A Trench - Drainage Solution

Every time it rains, the property faces a huge drainage issue - it gets flooded. Bryan Ring of Ring Lawn Care and Carson Schifsky of Schifsky Landscaping are teaming up to get the job done. Watch the landscaping pros digging a trench and working together.

Testing The Lightest Gas Chainsaw In North America

Enjoy this great tool review by UAG member Mark Thomas. Mark shows the ECHO Chainsaw, model CS-2511T and puts it to the test with a couple of demos. Is the lightest chainsaw in North America tough enough for Mark’s tests? Find out!

Changes I Made To My Lawn Care Business

Moving on, we have some brilliant business advice from Naylor Taliaferro of Clean Cut Lawn Care Services and LCR Media. Naylor shares the positive changes he made to his business, discusses the importance of having employees and strategy in a lawn care business.

How To Generate Income During A Summer Drought

Is it hot in here or is it a video about money-making during a draught? You know it! It’s UAG Member Julio Tome of Lawn Care Business Success with some great tips on how to generate income during summer and extreme weather.


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