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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

What’s up, friends! Enjoy our latest compilation of interesting lawn care videos from YouTube! This week we have some great "How-To"s, oddly satisfying pressure washing project, a landscape tear-out, and more!

Leaf Spots: How To Fix

Landscaper and YouTuber Allyn Hane of The Lawn Care Nut shares a great video full of pro tips on correcting lawn diseases. Allyn shows what he does to help the grass recover after the “worst leaf spot outbreak we’ve had in 3 years”. To quote him, “It happens to all of us, nobody’s lawn is perfect. Don’t panic, learn along the way”.

How to Fertilize A Lawn in Summer

Knowing how to fertilize your lawn in summer is important to continue maintaining its overall health. In this video YouTuber Ben of The Lawn Guardian talks about his summer fertilizing strategy to help the lawn battle through the heat stress, drought stress, and diseases.

Removing Lots Of Bushes & Shrubs

“I’m a destructive person,” says UAG Member Wyatt Bedell of Wyatt’s Lawn Service with a smile on his face. Watch his “Landscape Tearout” video: a total of 10 bushes and shrubs are going down!

Pressure Washing The Filthy Storm Drain

One more very satisfying video is courtesy of UAG Council Member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts. All the build-up dirt, mud, and grass had taken over the drain at the property. Brad uses the Powerstroke Yamaha 3100 PSI 2.4 GPM pressure washer to fix the issue.

Do You Have A Scarcity Mindset?

Have you ever asked yourself this question when quoting or billing a job? “This is way too expensive for this client!” “What if a client gets upset about my pricing?” In this video, UAG member Julio Tome of Cloverdale Mowing shares what he did when he caught himself in a scarcity mindset. The key is to never forget your real value!


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