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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

Hey, gang! Here’s another set of awesome YouTube videos recently posted by the pros. Relax and spend some time this weekend checking out the great advice below!

The Best Frequency of Mowing Service

When you start your lawn care business, it’s tempting to offer mowing service in whatever frequency the customer wants. UAG Member Julio Tome of Lawn Care Business Success shares that he quickly learned that this could become a scheduling nightmare and is not a good way to run a profitable business. Watch to find out how he solves this problem.

How To Install Sod

Great “How-To” video: check! UAG Member Paul Jamison of Jamison Landscaping shares a video of a sod job in a backyard in Georgia. This video can easily be used as a real tutorial: all the basics of how to lay sod are very clearly outlined and explained.

15 Hours Landscape Install Makeover

It’s pretty mind blowing what UAG Member Blake of It’s HIS turf and his small crew can do in 15 hours! Digging the trenches, spreading gravel, setting up stepping stones, and so much more...Luckily, with some video magic, we can watch the whole property makeover squeezed in just 16 minutes. Enjoy!

Mowing In The Rain And Cold

Summer is a tricky season. Some of us have to work during the drought, some have to fight the rain and cold. “The weather tries to slow us down but we still keep going” - these are the words of a power couple Mark and Vicki Mather of Mark’s Lawn Care from Michigan. Watch this video to see how the pros approach a work challenge.

Mowing During A Drought

Speaking about the weather, we have a great video by UAG Council member Richey Plemons of Plemons Lawncare in Georgia. Unlike Mathers, he has different challenges - a heat wave and a brutal drought. Richey says that with conditions like that “Sometimes it is what it is, and you have to just start all over again”.


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