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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

Hey gang! Enjoy one more list of great YouTube videos posted by the Pros. This week we have an interesting selection of “How-To” videos and tutorials, from killing clover to bagging grass. Coming up!

How To Mow Awesome Stripes In A Lawn

A stunning yard with checkerboard lawn stripes - ready to make this dream come true and dominate the neighborhood? Watch a video by lawn care expert Pete from GCI Turf Services. He gives instructions on how to mow a diamond pattern and also shows his dreamy yard. Grass so healthy you can see the sun reflected in it!

How To Bag Grass In Two Steps

A great mowing video by Countryside Vlogs channel featuring the Wright Sport X mower. The client needs their lawn cut down really short and then bagged. Watch some great footage of this project, and don’t miss out on some pro tips.

How To Kill Clover In Your Lawn

A lot of people struggle with clover, and there are a couple of mistakes you can make trying to really get clover under control. Watch this video by Tim Linden of Grass Daddy to learn his preferred technique. No mixing chemicals, no wasted weed killer - and it’s something anyone can do. See the “After” in the video!

What To Do If Sprinklers Don’t Turn On

UAG Council member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts shows the first and the most basic step to check in case of issues with sprinklers. Watch to identify a prime suspect when sprinkler or irrigation systems fail to start up after years of neglect.

Trying Different Blades to Improve Cut Quality

In this video, UAG Member Aaron Sutter of Lansing Lawn Service LLC tries desperately to improve the cut quality on his Gravely Pro-Stance 52. He tries straight high lift blades with 2 washers separating the blades from the spindles. Do you think it helps? Watch to find out!


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