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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

Finally, we can feel that spring is on its way! With new YouTube videos ranging from frost seeding, fertilizer application, landscape design, and more, the pros are about to welcome warmer seasons and the jobs that come with it. So, enjoy this week’s round-up post!

Tall Weeds. Front & Back Yard Clean-Up

UAG Council Member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts kicks things off with a full front & back yard clean-up video. Tall weeds, overgrown fence, shaggy shrubs - Brad’s makeover of this property is incredibly satisfying to watch!

How To Do Landscape design. Fundamentals

Nothing says spring like freshly planted Maples and Roses! In this video, UAG member Blake Hawthorn of It’s HIS turf breaks down some basic landscaping design fundamentals and practices that his company uses on landscaping jobs. Watch how to install various plants and landscape fabrics, as well as dyed brown mulch and 3 to 5-inch gravel.

Frost Seeding in March

Do you know the idea behind frost seeding? Mike Morgan of Outdoors With The Morgans from Western Pennsylvania is here to tell you all about it. Watch Mike and Melissa as they frost seed a section of lawn that they usually have trouble with.

CARBON X Fertilizer Spring Application

Lawn care expert Pete from GCI Turf Services was able to get his hands on some Carbon X Fertilizer. Watch his fertilizer application tutorial if you’re curious about the product. By the way, you’ll love the neat drone footage of the yard with Pete’s commentary!

How To Clean OR Replace A Lawn Mowers Air Filter

Any season is the right time to help the life and performance of your equipment. In this video YouTuber Ben of The Lawn Guardian takes you through the process of cleaning the air filter and foam that goes on many Honda lawn mowers. Very useful tutorial!


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