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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

Welcome back to our weekly roundup of great tips from the lawn care pros over on YouTube! This week is all about the best business advice. Prepay billing, Sales Tax, Brand Reputation, and Marketing are just a few of the topics we cover today. Powerful mix!

Sales Tax - How To Send IT?

UAG Member Dylan Stephenson of So-Low Cuts Landscaping raises a very important topic - applying sales tax to mowing services. Dylan shows in detail how he sends out proper documents to his customers to make the process easier for them (bonus - he also reads the exact text he uses in his letters!).

Price Increase & Re-up Letter

In this video, UAG Member Wyatt Bedell of Wyatt’s Lawn Service shares the letters he uses in the spring season. The first letter is for regular customers returning and the second - for when you want to increase the prices. Very informative video, plus Wyatt is kind enough to share his own templates for you to download.

Marketing Your Lawn Care Business

Naylor Taliaferro of Clean Cut Lawn Care Services and LCR Media discusses the importance of branding, consistency and investing in marketing. Watch to have a look at his postcards and learn how to target the neighborhoods you’re interested in.

How To Design & Place Lawn Signs

Get some inspiration for your new lawn signs with the help of Alex Nickens of Nickens Lawn & Landscape. In this video, Alex shares lots of great insights and tips on how to make a truly effective sign. Pay attention to both bad and good examples he shows - there’s a lot to learn!

How To Build A Positive Reputation in Lawn Care

When you start a new lawn care business, you also start building a positive reputation around your brand. While signs and logos are important, you can never forget that you and your employees represent your business! Watch this video by UAG Member Julio Tome of Lawn Care Business Success to learn how to always present your business in the best light.


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