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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

What’s up, friends! Can you guess the hottest topic lawn care pros on YouTube are buzzing about right now? Yes, that’s right! Mulch videos are trending like crazy! How-To’s, tips and tricks, great footage of the best mulch projects - we got it all in this Round-Up.

Adding Mulch To Your Services

Looking into adding mulch to your existing services? In this video, UAG member Blake Hawthorn of It’s HIS turf gives you a great "Mulching 101" crash course. Everything you need to know before you go - in under 10 minutes.

Mulch Installations Guide + Rates

UAG member Michael Gunn of Gunn Landscaping also put together a great "Beginners Guide" to mulching. What’s different about this video is that Michael discusses the business side of mulching, and even shares his mulch installations rates!

Preparing For Mulch Job Vlog

Any landscape maintenance job always has challenges, and mulch is no exception. UAG Council member Shawn Spencer of Spencer Lawn Care believes that it’s how you handle challenges and overcome them that will set you apart. Watch his vlog about preparing for his yearly huge mulch job install.

Slime Mold on Mulch

Already fell in love with mulching? Wait until you watch this video by Richelle Molesky of Green Biz Nursery & Landscaping Inc and see if you change your mind. The topic is Slime Mold AKA Yellow Slime that can pop up in your mulch during the hot and humid months. Summer is coming, it’s hot and full of terrors! (Fellow GOT fans, see what we did here?...)

Sprinter Boxwood Hedge: Trimming & Mulching

Finishing this week’s Round-Up, here’s a gorgeous project from Laura of Garden Answer. Laura plants a brand new boxwood hedge and completely transforms the property with a spotless black mulch installation. Some spectacular drone footage is also on the menu! Enjoy!


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