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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

Hey, everyone! This week we have a lot of business tips for you, as well as some great landscaping videos. Learn to use morning checklists, handle competition, watch how to build a horse arena, and even more!

Red Flags When Quoting New Customers

If you’re in lawn care full-time, usually you only have a limited time each year to earn your income. It goes without saying that you want to fill that time with only profitable lawn care jobs. UAG Member Julio Tome of Lawn Care Business Success believes it’s important to keep your eyes open for things a potential client might say or do that could be a red flag for you.

Competition In Lawn Care

Speaking about red flags, approaching someone else’s customers trying to get them to switch to you is a definite NO. Sadly, it still happens in lawn care and has just happened to our UAG Council member Shawn Spencer. Watch this vlog by Shawn and TQ and learn what they think of healthy business competition.

Morning Checklist For Lawn Care Entrepreneurs

As landscaper Tony of Tony’s Lawn Care says, there’s nothing more unprofitable and inefficient than driving out to the property and realizing that you’re not prepared. Maybe you forgot your trimmer strings, or lunch, or didn’t fill up your gas tank, (fill in the blank). Tony shares his very simple solution - morning checklists he uses all the time.

Cleanup & Spreading Gravel. ECHO Pro Paddle + Scag

Check out this video by the landscapers Mark and Vicki Mather of Mark’s Lawn Care in Michigan. Great footage of them cleaning up gravel in the lawn of a new property with the ECHO Pro Paddle Attachment and then spreading it with their Scag Zero Turn.

Grading A Horse Arena. Case TR310 track loader

Landscaper Carson Schifsky of Schifsky Landscaping always makes videos of really unusual projects. The latest example is about his team building a horse arena with the Case TR310 track loader. Very interesting footage!


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