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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

One more week down, and the new selection of YouTube videos by the pros is here. This time we have all kinds of very different projects: from removing trees and hedges to digging an emergency pond and mulching. Check them out!

How To Cut Down Dead Trees

Kenny Sanchez from Kenny’s Tree Removal starts off with a fascinating video on cutting down dead Pine Trees. Not only the footage is epic, but there are also a lot of safety tips to learn: Kenny explains how unpredictable and dangerous dead trees can be.

Smashing A Hedge Back - Tractor & Hedge Cutter

While we’re on the topic of cutting down and smashings things, here’s a video by Calvin Thomas from the UK. Calvin needed to cut back the hedge to remove the old fence and put a new livestock fence up. He uses The Zetor 5545 Tractor and the Teagle Dynacut 400 Hedge Cutter for that.

Excavator Digging Emergency Holding Pond

Landscaper Carson Schifsky of Schifsky Landscaping shares a very interesting emergency project. He digs a holding pond with a mini excavator to get the water level down in the flooded basement. Check it out!

Dirty Mulching Job

Something different to look at - the first 4K quality mulching video by UAG Council Member Richey Plemons of Plemons Lawncare. As always with Richey’s videos, the footage is top notch, and the music selection is great.

Edger VS. String Trimmer For Edging

One of the most popular questions UAG Council Member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts has received over the past two years is “Why don’t you edge with a string trimmer?” Watch this video to find out why Bradley edges with an edger and doesn’t edge with a string trimmer. Do you agree with him?


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