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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

Hi guys, and welcome to another round up of some of the best videos, tips, hacks, and more from your fellow green industry pros! As fall takes over from summer, we're starting to see a shift in the work being done - which means more great advice for you. Enjoy!

Front Entrance Landscaping for Neighborhood (Trimming Overgrown Shrubs & ECHO Shred N Vac)

There's an old saying that the worst property for any lawn care pro is your own, just because you're so busy working on your clients. UAG Council Member Brad Behr takes that a little step further, when he decides to clean up the front entrance of his community neighborhood. Sped up hedge trimming has never been so peaceful to watch!

How to LEVEL a Lawn / Near PERFECT Lawn Leveling

As fall kicks in, it's a good time to be looking at some end of season maintenance, and getting lawns ready for the winter and next year. In this video, Pete from GCI Turf Services impresses with an awesome example of lawn leveling.

Before you buy a leaf blower (must watch)

When you think of fall, you think of leaves. Lots of leaves! Which means it's leaf blower season, and time to get that blower that's been in the workshop over the summer back in action! In this video, Johnny Mow looks at ECHO, STIHL, and REDMAX, and gives some great advice on what you should be looking for.

CONCRETE JOB GONE WRONG. We lost a truck load of concrete.

This video from UAG Member Blake Hawthorn of it's HIS turf shares something we don't often see online - what happens when jobs take a turn for the bad. In Blake's case, how a concrete job went wrong in 100 degree heat, and how his team coped with diversity.


Having the option to mix and match tools makes life a lot easier for pretty much everyone. Which is exactly what Dylan Stephenson of So-Low Cuts Landscaping shows us in this video, as he takes on overgrown shrubs with an ECHO and STIHL combo!


Each Saturday here at ECHOMeansBusiness.com you'll find a selection of new videos or other social posts by landscapers, arborists or other grounds maintenance pros from around the Internet. Have a post that shares knowledge or experiences with other pros? Share your video links (or other social content) at the "Tell Us Your Story" section at the bottom of the home page.