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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

Hi guys, how's the week going? Hard to believe we're in mid-September already - where did the time go? While you figure out how we got here so fast, here's another collection of awesome videos from the pros - enjoy!

First Aeration - Lawn Renovation - Stinger

As the year moves on, it's time to start looking at aeration services. In this video, UAG Member Tyler Guess of Clean Cut Lawns NC and a friend carry out their first aeration of the season, using a Stinger Core Aerator.

Fall Aeration & Seeding FAQ

Staying with the aeration theme, this is an awesome video from Caety James of Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance. Got questions about overseeding, aeration cores, liquid aeration and more? Then you're in the right place with these awesome tips!

Cleaning Concrete with RYOBI Pressure Washer and Surface Cleaner Attachment

As we get into the fall season, and clean-ups start to come to mind, one of the services you might want to offer, if you don't already, is pressure washing. In this video, Allyn from The Lawn Care Nut shows how to clean concrete sidewalks (he's using his RYOBI pressure cleaner), and how different nozzle adjustments and surface cleaners can make a difference.

Hardscape 101 - How to pour a stamped concrete slab for an outdoor kitchen

If you're thinking of expanding your services, and hardscaping is something you're looking at, UAG Member Blake Hawthorn of it's HIS turf has a great Hardscaping 101 series on his YouTube channel. In this episode, he shows all the necessary steps for your stamped concrete to come out perfect!

Installing Pro-Trade Landscape Lighting ($2,000 per Hour)

Staying with expanding your services, have you ever considered installing landscape lights for a customer? If not, you might want to start thinking more about it, as it's one of the most profitable additions you can add to your services, as Blake Albertson of B&B Lawn Care shares in this video.


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