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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

What’s up, everyone? The dog days of summer are definitely upon us, and fall is approaching (which means GIE+EXPO!!!). Worry not, though, we’re here, as usual, to share some great videos from the pros - enjoy, and feel free to recommend your favorite videos to us!

How to Clean Up a Messy Garden Flower Bed

There are times when you look at the end result and sit back in admiration at a job well done. This is one such occasion. Watch as the guys from Yellow Jacket Landscaping, LLC, take care of a messy garden flower bed. It’s poetry in motion to watch.

Tree Removal (Timelaps) Neighbor’s Trees with Skid Steer

We’ve shared some of the great work Kenny Sanchez of Kenny’s Tree Removal does before. This time up, something a little different as Kenny works on his own to remove some trees for a good neighbor. Now that’s someone you want to live next door to!

Time to Clean Up the Pond Garden

While taking care of client property is the bread and butter of every pro, sometimes you need to step back and take care of your own property, too. Which is exactly what UAG Member Blake Hawthorn of it’s HIS turf does in this video, as he cleans and adds fish to his pond with the help of his family. Watch and enjoy the whole process of turning a waterfall area into a fishpond!

Lawn Care Community Unity - Show Some Positivity

There’s a great movement happening in the lawn care / landscape YouTube community at the moment, where fellow pros are both recommending and nominating others as having a positive impact on the community in general. In this video Bryan Ring of Ring Lawn Care shares his recommendations (including UAG Member Caleb Auman and his wife Brittany), and what the community has meant to him over the years. Something we can all get behind

Meet the Owner of ComfortTrim - Q&A with Mr. Troy Huber

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, wearing the right PPE is one of the most important things we can do to remain healthy and successful in this industry. Which is why we love seeing innovative products like ComfortTrim come to market. In this video, UAG Member Danny Lanier of Lanier Lawn Care talks to Troy Huber, inventor of ComforTrim. We want some!


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