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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

What’s up, friends! Truly, the drive to help fellow pros and learn from each other is what makes our lawn care community so special. This week we have a selection of useful "How-To" videos - from trimming fountain grass with duct tape to properly charging clients. Never stop learning!

How To Avoid Inconsistent Pricing

Starting off with some business advice, we have the video by UAG member Shawn Spencer of Spencer Lawn Care. Shawn shares what he charges to run his lawn care business in Ohio. Skip to 4:41 if you want to learn his pricing tips, including using Google Earth for estimates, having a bare minimum cost of work, and more.

How To Shovel A Huge Roof

Shoveling the snow off a large roof is tricky enough, but it gets even more challenging when it’s cold outside. Learn from Scott of Red Rock Maintenance, a property maintenance company in Ontario, Canada. Scott shares some nicely edited footage and walks you through the whole process.

How To Trim Fountain Grass With Duct Tape

When it comes to fountain or pampas grass, the annual pruning can be a real mess. In this video UAG member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts experiments with a few different methods of bundling this hearty ornamental grass. You’ll definitely like what he does with duct tape!

How To Cut Back Knockout Roses and Crepe Myrtles

Another great tutorial video filled with pro-tips. Watch UAG Pro Richey Plemons of Plemons Lawncare as he cuts back knockout roses and crepe myrtles against the building. As usual with Richey, satisfying footage and great music are included.

How To Grease A Skid Steer

The right grease in the right place makes all the difference in keeping your equipment up and running. Kenny Sanchez from Kenny’s Tree Removal does a complete walk around the machine to show how to grease a Case 1845C Skid Steer Loader. He also shares great tips on choosing a grease gun and attachments.


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