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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

Hey gang! Enjoy one more list of awesome YouTube videos posted by the Pros. This week the lawn care community shares tips on trimming hedges and trees, stump grinding, building retaining walls, and more!

3 Hours Of Hedge Trimming In 7 Minutes

Johny Crooks of Blades of Grass Lawn Care shows how he trims 12 ft of overgrown backyard hedges. The work that took Johny 3 hours is shown in under 7 minutes! Short, sweet, and smooth - thanks to the right tool.

Overgrown Oak Tree Trimming With Hand Tools

While we’re on the topic of trimming overgrown things, here’s another great video, this time by UAG member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts. Bradley trims an overgrown oak tree with a set of loppers, a hand saw, and a pair of hand pruners. Watch to see the result and to hear Bradley’s thoughts on his own selection of tools….not to mention the importance of safety!

Pine Trees Removal

Speaking of trees! Watch this very entertaining video by Kenny Sanchez from Kenny’s Tree Removal if you enjoy seeing the result of carefully planned work. In this video, Kenny takes down ten pine trees between a playground and a shed. Impressive!

Stump Grinding Job

Considering adding stump grinding to your list of services? Watch UAG Member Aaron Sutter of Lansing Lawn Service LLC as he shares his first ever stump grinding job. Aaron walks you through the whole process and shows how a grinder chips away the wood with a cutting disk.

Building a Retaining Wall

Kevin of Fall River Lawn Care, UAG member Blake Hawthorn of It’s HIS turf and another UAG member Mark Sloan of Sloan’s Lawn and Landscape all collaborated for this interesting job. They build a structurally sound wall from solid concrete and carve it to look like stone. Watch to see their interesting alternative to real rock and block construction.


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