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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

Hey gang! This week's round-up shares some great videos on improving your business - from using annual contracts, to adding new services to your 2019 lawn care lineup, and more. Check out the videos below!

Should You Use Landscape Maintenance Contracts?

In this video UAG member Julio Tome of Cloverdale Mowing discusses how using a landscape maintenance contract can help you avoid problems in your lawn care or landscaping business. Julio gives examples from his own experience and shares tips - you don't want to miss it!

Annual Contracts In The Off-season

UAG member Blake Hawthorn of It's HIS turf believes that annual contracts in lawn care help pay the bills in the off-season. Watch this video to learn more and to have a quick glimpse of the properties Blake has on an annual contract.

Adding Horticulture Services

Looking for new services to add to your 2019 lawn care lineup? Paul Camara of Spring Green Landscaping suggests horticulture! In this video, Paul shares why he thinks horticulture is an underestimated yet profitable way to add higher profile clientele to your business.

Tips On Getting Into Heavy Equipment

Are you expanding your business and looking into getting some heavy equipment? Watch landscaper Alex Nickens of Nickens Lawn & Landscape first! He'll help you figure out if the time is right to buy a machine, and will give you great tips like what you should get, buy cash or finance, and many more.

Snow Plowing - Yes or No?

You should really do your research before adding any new services, especially snow removal. In this video, Brian Shain of Top Notch Lawn Care shares some challenges he has with snow removals and ice melt services. Let us know in the forum what you would do in Brian's situation, and what is your experience with snow removal this year?


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