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YouTube Weekly Round-Up

We’re glad you’re here to enjoy another YouTube Round-Up! This selection is all about snow plowing and removal. Snow hits without any notice, and you need to be ready 24/7! How do you balance the plow run time and prevent a breakdown? What accessories and tools do you use? How do you take care of your equipment? We’ve got it all covered!

Snow Blowing Heavy Wet Snow

Searching for the best snow removal tips on YouTube? You know it, there’s going to be some impressive Canadian footage! Today our expert on removing wet snow is Scott of Red Rock Maintenance from Ontario. He shares how he blows wet heavy snow off a driveway when it snows and rains on the same day!

A Balanced Plow Run - Time And Length

You can make as much money as you want on snow plowing, but working 24 straight hours doesn’t sound like a healthy choice. In this video, Brian Fullerton of Brian’s Lawn Maintenance discusses how to find a balance between your goals, hard work, and racing against the clock when doing snow removal. Let us know in the forum how long you work during a storm.

Plow Truck Lighting Setup

Snow plowing during the night is very efficient but also very stressful: you should always stay alert not to damage someone’s property in the dark. Landscaper Carson Schifsky of Schifsky Landscaping shares a useful review of Reverse Pro LED Backup Light. He discusses how it helps him and shows the accessory in action.

Cleaning A Salt Spreader

When you do snow removal, tool maintenance is the last, yet still crucial, part of the job. Watch this video by UAG Council Member Shawn Spencer of Spencer Lawn Care for a detailed tutorial on how to clean your salt spreader and learn some great salt spreader maintenance tips to prevent a breakdown.

Winter Time Marketing For Landscaping

All your services, including snow removal, need advertising. George of George Packard-Family Lawn and Landscape believes winter season is the best time to focus on marketing. He shares how he uses flyers and door hangers to advertise his business, shows you the flyers and gives away some awesome pro-tips. Enjoy!


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